Welcome to Hyperaudio for Schools

Learn to Create and Remix Audiovisual Content

Learn by making

Bring media literacy into the classroom.

Encourage critical thinking with built-in context.

Give students a new way to express themselves.

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Tell Stories

Quickly pinpoint and locate interesting material.

Collaborate on audiovisual essays.

Remix and share your own interpretations.

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Transcribe new content for others to use.

Drag and drop remixing is a lot of fun with Hyperaudio.

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    We make it super-easy to edit audio and video


    Highlight or bookmark notable passages of audio and video.

    Build up your own collection of interesting material.

    Share content wherever you want on the web.

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    Watch words highlight exactly as they are spoken.

    More easily understand multilingual content.

    Open up your media to those with hearing difficulties.

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    Comprehension and Retention

    Audiovisual presentation stimulates learning, making your own encourages analysis and boosts understanding.

    Privacy and Copyright

    We do not track our users and no content is hosted on our servers, we create mixes dynamically - no audiovisual files are modified.

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